Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Panoramic glass roof

Operating the pa mic glass roof and roof sunshade

Applies to: vehicles with panoramic glass roof and roof sunshade

Opening and closing
Fig. 41 Headliner: panoramic glass roof and sunshade* buttons

The control buttons are equipped with a twostage function.

When tilting or opening the roof, the roof sunshade will open partially or halfway if the sunshade is closed.

Operating the roof sunshade

The roof sunshade cannot be closed completely if the roof is open.

  • Opening and closing the sunshade: push the switch in the headliner (3) briefly toward the rear or forward to the second level.
  • Partially opening the sunshade: press the switch to the first level until the sunshade reaches the desired position.

Operating the roof

  • Tilting the roof: press the switch in the headliner briefly up to the second level (1).
  • Closing the tilted roof: pull the switch down briefly to the second level.
  • Opening the roof: slide the switch back briefly twice in a row to the second level (2).
  • Closing the opened roof: push the switch forward briefly to the second level.
  • Opening or closing partially: slide the switch to the first level and hold it there until the roof reaches the desired position.

Quick opening

You can also open the roof and roof sunshade in one movement.

  • Push the switch back briefly to the second level (2) twice in a row.

Roof emergency closing

If an object is detected when closing, the roof will open again automatically. In this case, you can then close it with the power emergency closing function.

  • Within five seconds after the sunroof opens automatically, pull the applicable button until the roof is closed.


  • Observe the safety precautions.
  • To reduce the risk of injury, always pay attention when closing the roof. Always switch the ignition off and take the key with you when leaving the vehicle.


  • Always close the roof when you leave the vehicle and when there is precipitation to reduce the risk of damage to the interior equipment, particularly the electronic equipment.


  • After switching off the ignition, the roof and sunshades can still be operated for several minutes as long as neither of the front doors have been opened.
  • It is not possible to open the roof when temperatures are too low.

Valet parking

Applies to: vehicles with valet parking function

The valet parking function can protect the luggage compartment from unauthorized access.

The [VALET] button for valet parking is in the glove compartment.

You can switch the valet parking function on, for example when someone else is parking your vehicle 1). The vehicle can be driven, locked, and unlocked using the vehicle key, but access to the luggage compartment is blocked.

  • Remove the mechanical key.
  • Press the [VALET] button in the glove compartment.

    The LED in the button turns on if the function is switched on.

  • Lock the glove compartment with the mechanical key.
  • Applies to: vehicles with lockable backrests in the rear: To also secure the luggage compartment from the vehicle interior, lock the backrests in the rear of the vehicle.
  • Give your vehicle key to the service personnel who are parking your vehicle and keep the mechanical key.

If the indicator light appears with a corresponding message, the vehicle key battery is drained and must be replaced.

The following buttons are deactivated when the valet parking function is switched on:

  • Button in the driver's door
  • As Button on the vehicle key
  • Handle in the luggage compartment lid

If the valet parking function is switched on, a message will appear every time the ignition is switched on.


Please note that the luggage compartment can still be accessed from the vehicle interior in vehicles with fixed rear seat backrests or ones that cannot be locked, even when the valet parking function is switched on.

1) This function is not available in all countries.


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