Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: A/C System, General Information



The purpose of this repair manual is to provide service advisors and technicians with the basic knowledge needed to ensure professional and competent procedures.   Note Only the careful study

 A/C Technology Basic Principles

Physical Principles The four known states of water also apply to air conditioning system refrigerants. 1 - Gaseous (invisible) 2 - Vapor 3 - Liquid 4 - Solid

 Refrigerant R134a

Refrigerant R134a Physical Data Vehicle air conditioning systems make use of the vaporization and condensation process. In this case, one works with a substance which boils easily, designated as ref


 Transmission Fluid Circuit

Overview - Transmission Fluid Circuit 1 - Plug 8 Nm +30º Replace after removing. For the ATF check and fill hole 2 - Plug 35 Nm Replace after removing. For transmission fluid inspection and fill hole 3 - Transmission Fluid Pump (MTF Pump) With seal welded

 Luggage compartment lid

General information WARNING Applies to: vehicles with anti-theft alarm system: When the vehicle is locked from the outside, no one, especially children, should remain in the vehicle, because the windows can no longer open from the inside. Locked doors make it more difficult for emergency work

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