Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Additional settings


 System settings

Introduction General settings are described in this chapter. You can find specific settings in the chapters about those settings. The available settings depend on the vehicle equipment. Date and time

 Software update

Introduction Applies to: vehicles with software update You can update your vehicle's software. The functions depend on the country and vehicle equipment: Update through the online system update Map

 Connected devices

Displayed connected devices Requirement: the vehicle must be stationary and the ignition must be switched on. Applies to: MMI: Select on the home screen: SETTINGS > Connected devices. Possible


 Vehicle Diagnosis, Testing and Information Systems

  WARNING During road tests using a vehicle diagnostic and information system, there is the hazard of extreme to lethal injuries! If vehicle diagnostic and information system is deposited in the action area of an airbag during a road test, here is the hazard of extreme to lethal injuri

 Antenna Wires, Repairing

Aerial Cable Repair Set VAS6720 Special tools and workshop equipment required Aerial Cable Repair Set -VAS6720- The Aerial Cable Repair Set -VAS6720- makes it possible to perform a quality repair on antenna wires RG 174 (blue) and RTK 031 (black). The set contains the insulation removal tools a

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