Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Changing a tire


You must complete the preparation before changing a tire.

  • Read and follow the important safety precautions.
  • Set the parking brake.
  • Select the "P" selector lever position.
  • When towing a trailer: disconnect the trailer from your vehicle.
  • Lay out the vehicle tool kit and the spare tire.
  • Switch the ignition off.


The vehicle must also be secured to prevent it from rolling when using the vehicle jack". Use suitable objects to block the front and back of the wheel that is diagonal from the wheel with the flat tire.

Removing the caps

Emergency assistance
Fig. 172 Wheel: wheel bolts with caps

  • Slide the plastic clip from the vehicle tool kit onto the cap until it engages > fig. 172.
  • Remove the cap with the plastic clip.

Loosening the wheel bolts

Emergency assistance
Fig. 173 Wheel: loosening the wheel bolts

  • Slide the wheel wrench* from the vehicle tool kit all the way onto the wheel bolt.
  • Turn the wheel bolt approximately one turn to the left. To achieve the required torque, hold the end of the wheel wrench". If the wheel bolt will not Loosen, press carefully on the wheel wrench* with your foot. Hold onto the vehicle securely while doing this and make sure your footing is stable.


To reduce the risk of an accident, only loosen the wheel bolts gently one turn before raising the vehicle with the vehicle jack*.


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