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Audi A4: Starting the vehicle

Convenience key

Applies to: vehicles with convenience key

Starting the vehicle
Fig. 94 Center console: starting the engine

Requirement: the key must be in the vehicle.

Starting the engine

  • Press and hold the brake pedal.
  • Press the [START ENGINE STOP] button. The engine will start.

Equipment that uses a lot of electricity is switched off temporarily when you start the engine. If the engine does not start immediately, the starting procedure stops automatically after a short time. If this is the case, repeat the starting procedure after approximately 30 seconds.

Stopping the engine

  • Bring the vehicle to a full stop.
  • Press the [START ENGINE STOP] button. The engine will switch off.

Applies to: vehicles with steering lock: The steering is locked when you turn off the engine and open the driver's door. The steering lock helps prevent vehicle theft. "P" must be engaged on vehicles with an automatic transmission.

Stopping the engine in an emergency

If necessary in an emergency, the engine can also be stopped while driving using the emergency off function*.

  • Press the [START ENGINE STOP] button twice in a row or press and hold it one time.

Switching on and off

If you would like to switch the ignition on or off without starting the engine, follow these steps:

  • Press the [START ENGINE STOP] button without pressing the brake pedal.

Switching the ignition off automatically

To prevent the vehicle battery from draining, the ignition and possibly the exterior lighting may switch off automatically.


  • The Start/Stop system must have stopped the engine.
  • You must have left the vehicle for longer than 30 seconds.
  • The ignition must be switched on.

Among other indicators, the system detects that you have left the vehicle based on the following factors:

  • The driver's door has been opened.
  • The driver's safety belt has been unbuckled.
  • The brake pedal is not being pressed.

The ignition will also be switched off after 30 minutes or if you lock the vehicle from the outside.


  • To reduce the risk of asphyxiation, never allow the engine to run in confined spaces.
  • Never turn off the engine before the vehicle has come to a complete stop. Switching it off before the vehicle has stopped may impair the function of the brake booster and power steering. You would then need to use more force to steer and brake the vehicle.

    The fact that you cannot steer and brake as usual may increase the risk of accidents and serious injuries.

  • Secure the vehicle against rolling before exiting the vehicle.


  • Avoid high engine speed, full throttle, and heavy engine load if the engine has not reached operating temperature yet. You could damage the engine.
  • If the engine has been under heavy load for an extended period of time, heat builds up in the engine compartment after the engine is switched off and there is a risk of damaging the engine. For this reason, let the engine run at idle for approximately two minutes before shutting it off.


  • Brief noises are normal when starting and parking the vehicle and are no cause for concern.
  • For up to 10 minutes after stopping the engine, the radiator fan may turn on again automatically or it may continue to run, even if the ignition is switched off.
  • It may not be possible to start the vehicle in extremely low temperatures.
  • Power will be fully available once the engine is at operating temperature.


The following messages may appear depending on the vehicle equipment:

Engine start system: malfunction! Please contact Service

There is a malfunction in the engine start system.

Drive immediately to an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility to have the malfunction repaired.

Remote control key: key not detected. Is the key still in the vehicle?

The vehicle key was removed from the vehicle while the engine is running. If the vehicle key is no longer in the vehicle, you cannot switch the ignition on or start the engine once you stop it. You also cannot lock the vehicle from the outside.

Remote control key: hold back of key against the designated area. See owner's manual

The battery in the vehicle key may be drained or there may be a malfunction. To start the vehicle, you must also hold the vehicle key against the location shown , fig. 94.

If the malfunction remains, drive immediately to an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility to have the malfunction corrected.


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