Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: A/C Service Station, Connecting


 General Information

Vehicles with a High Voltage System (Hybrid Vehicles) Extremely Dangerous Due to High-Voltage The high-voltage system is under high-voltage. Death or serious bodily injury by electric shock. - I

 Service Station, Connecting with Connections on Low- and High Pressure Side of Refrigerant Circuit

Servicing Station, Connecting for Measuring and Testing - Turn off the ignition. - Connect the service station to the power supply. - Connect the quick-release coupling adapter to the c

 Service Station, Connecting with No Connection on Low- and High Pressure Side of Refrigerant Circuit

General Information On the following vehicles, no service connection is provided for the service station on the low-pressure side of the refrigerant circuit; adapters must be used to connect the se


 Entering a destination

Intelligent search for navigation destinations Applies to: vehicles with navigation system Using the intelligent search, you can enter the data for a navigation destination in any order all at once (for example, 5th Avenue New York). Likewise, you can search for points of interest, contacts, previo

 Overview - Seat Versions

Component Location Overview - Seat Versions Overview - Front Seat I - Standard Seat Equipment: Manual seat length/height and angle adjustment Manual backrest angle adjuster Height-adjustable headrest Cargo net Footwell lamp Optional equipment: Power seat length/height and a

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