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 Data privacy

 Privacy notice

You can find information about responsibility for data protection in the MMI. Applies to: MMI: Select on the home screen: SETTINGS > General > Legal notes > About Audi connect. Image recordi

 Transmitted information

Data collection Applies to: vehicles with data collection Depending on the country, Audi may collect data for the following purposes, for example: offer and product optimization, public safety, provis


 Coolant System/Coolant

Connection Diagram - Coolant Hoses Connection Diagram - Coolant Hoses, Versions without Parking Heater   Note Blue = large coolant circuit. Red = small coolant circuit. Brown = heating circuit. Green = coolant circuit for the transmission. The arrows show the coolant flow direction. 1&

 Rear Lid Lower Trim Panel, Removing and Installing

Lower Rear Lid Trim Panel, Removing and Installing, Sedan Special tools and workshop equipment required Pry Lever -80-200- Trim Removal Wedge -3409- Removal Wedge -T40233- Omega Clip Tool -T40280- Removing - Remove the rear lid latch trim panel -1- using the -T40233- in the direction of

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