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Audi A4: Map update


Applies to: vehicles with navigation system

You can update the map data in the MMI with a map update. The functions depend on the country and vehicle equipment.

  • Map update through online map update
  • Import a map update from the USB connection to your MMI

Online map update

Applies to: vehicles with online map update

Using the online map update, you can update the map content for your navigation system in your vehicle.

The MMI determines regions based on the vehicle position. Based on this, update data for these regions are available for your MMI.

Starting the update

Requirement: the MMI must be connected to the Internet.

  • Applies to: MMI: To allow automatic map updates, select on the home screen: SETTINGS > System maintenance > Automatic online map update. The MMI starts the map update automatically in the background when new map material is available.

You can check the status of the download process and the installation in the notification center.


Read the information about Audi connect, and be sure to note the connectivity costs section.


Because of the high volume of data, Audi recommends performing the map update using the USB connection.

Map update using the USB connection

Applies to: vehicle with map updates using the USB connection

With the map update, you can update the map material in your navigation system.

Requirement: you must have created a myAudi account at Your vehicle must be registered in your myAudi account.

Downloading updates

  • Download the map update at and store it on a USB flash drive. For additional information, visit

Installing updates

  • Connect the USB flash drive to the Audi music interface
  • Open the notification in the notification center and press on the notification.
  • Press Next. The status of the installation is shown in the display.


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