Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Operating

Instrument cluster
Fig. 4 Driver information system display

Instrument cluster
Fig. 5 Left side of multifunction steering wheel

Information is organized within various tabs (1) in the instrument cluster. The tab contents are displayed in the central area (2).

Requirement: the ignition must be switched on.

Selecting a tab

  • Press the button (3) repeatedly until the desired tab is selected.

Returning to functions at higher levels

  • Press the button (5).

Opening and closing the menu

  • Press the button (6).

Selecting and confirming a function

Requirement: a menu or list must be displayed.

  • To select a function, turn the left thumbwheel (7) to the desired function.
  • To confirm a selection, press the left thumbwheel (7).

Switching the view

  • Press the VIEW button (4).

The following tabs may be available, depending on vehicle equipment:

Switching the view


     Adjusting the display

    Fig. 6 Center display: adjusting the display Switching the view Applies to: Audi virtual cockpit Press the VIEW button to switch between the default view (1) and the enhanced view (2). Adjusting

     Coolant temperature display

    Applies to: vehicles with a coolant temperature indicator The coolant temperature display (9) only functions when the ignition is switched on. To reduce the risk of engine damage, please observe the


    The tachometer (1) displays the engine speed in revolutions per minute (RPM). The beginning of the red zone in the tachometer indicates the maximum permissible engine speed for all gears once the engi


     Lock Carrier Trim Panel, Removing and Installing

    Special tools and workshop equipment required Omega Clip Tool -T40280- Removing - Remove the rear luggage compartment floor. - Free up the lock carrier trim panel near the rear lid seal -1-. - Grip the trim panel -2- by hand and carefully pull vertically upward -arrows-. Installi

     Transmission Fluid

    Transmission Fluid Level, Checking Special tools and workshop equipment required Torx Socket - T60 -T40087- Protective Eyewear Procedure   Note General repair instructions. Refer to → Chapter "Repair Information". Guidelines for clean working conditions. Refer to → Chapte

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