Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Display and operation

Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2023 Owner's Manual / Display and operation


 Instrument cluster

 Instrument cluster overview

Fig. 2 Instrument cluster overview (Audi virtual cockpit) Fig. 3 Instrument cluster overview (analog) Depending on the vehicle equipment, the following items may appear in the instrument cluster:


Fig. 4 Driver information system display Fig. 5 Left side of multifunction steering wheel Information is organized within various tabs (1) in the instrument cluster. The tab contents are displayed i


 Wiring Harnesses, Repairing

  Note Observe general notes for repairs on the vehicle electrical system. Refer to → Chapter "Vehicle Electrical System, General Repair Information". Airbag and Belt Tensioner Wires, Repairing In addition to the general repairs on wiring harnesses, the following methods and instruc

 Spring, Removing and Installing

Special tools and workshop equipment required Pneumatic/Hydraulic Foot Pump -VAS6179- Spring Tensioning System -VAS6274- Spring Tensioning System - Spindle -VAS6274/3- Spring Tensioning System - T-Bar -VAS6274/5- Supplement Set - Thrust Plate with Securing Plate -VAS6274/12-2- Supplement Set

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