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Audi A4: Instrument cluster overview

Instrument cluster
Fig. 2 Instrument cluster overview (Audi virtual cockpit)

Instrument cluster
Fig. 3 Instrument cluster overview (analog)

Depending on the vehicle equipment, the following items may appear in the instrument cluster:

  1. Left dial
    • Tachometer
  2. Tab area
  3. Central area
  4. Status line (one or two lines)
  5. Right dial
    • Convenience display
    • Speedometer
  6. Display
    • Fuel level
  7. Right additional display with speedometer
  8. Left additional display with:
    • Selector lever position
    • Audi drive select mode
  9. Display
    • Engine coolant temperature


Applies to: vehicles with Audi virtual cockpit

If there is a serious system malfunction, the display may turn off. The indicator light may also turn on. Stop the vehicle safely. See an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility for assistance.


  • The following pages primarily show illustrations of the Audi virtual cockpit*. The display or Location of the items that are shown may vary on the different versions of the instrument cluster.
  • You can select the units used for temperature, speed, and other measurements.
  • Speeds are displayed in mph (miles per hour) or km/h (kilometers per hour).
  • Certain instrument cluster content can also be displayed in the head-up display*



    Fig. 4 Driver information system display Fig. 5 Left side of multifunction steering wheel Information is organized within various tabs (1) in the instrument cluster. The tab contents are displayed i

     Adjusting the display

    Fig. 6 Center display: adjusting the display Switching the view Applies to: Audi virtual cockpit Press the VIEW button to switch between the default view (1) and the enhanced view (2). Adjusting

     Coolant temperature display

    Applies to: vehicles with a coolant temperature indicator The coolant temperature display (9) only functions when the ignition is switched on. To reduce the risk of engine damage, please observe the


     Stabilizer Bar, Removing and Installing

    Special tools and workshop equipment required Torque Wrench 1331 5-50Nm -VAG1331-   Caution This procedure contains mandatory replaceable parts. Refer to component overview and parts catalog prior to starting procedure. Mandatory Replacement Parts Nut - Stabilizer Bar to Coupling Rod

     Service Station, Connecting with No Connection on Low- and High Pressure Side of Refrigerant Circuit

    General Information On the following vehicles, no service connection is provided for the service station on the low-pressure side of the refrigerant circuit; adapters must be used to connect the service station to the refrigerant circuit on these vehicles: Audi 80, Audi Cabrio, Audi Coupe Audi

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