Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Touch display


 General touch display operation

General information Applies to: touch display The center display is a touchscreen. Operation is very similar to operating a smartphone. Tips Certain gestures are not available in every menu. Pressing

 Multi Media Interface

Traffic safety information Audi recommends only using certain Infotainment system functions, such as entering a destination or pairing a mobile device, while the vehicle is stationary. Always be prepa

 Menus and symbols

Fig. 15 MMI: center display Overview screen Displays selected information tiles and provides quick access to certain functions Quick access bar Return to the home screen or the overview


 Leaking or Damaged Components except A/C Compressor, Reservoir or Receiver/Dryer

The refrigerant circuit was completely empty (for example with larger leak or cracked hose)   Note In the event of only a minor leak with slow escape of refrigerant (e.g. at a small leakage point), the amount of refrigerant oil lost and the amount of moisture penetrating is not sufficien

 Interior Door Mechanism, Removing and Installing

Removing - Remove the door trim panel. Refer to → Chapter "Front Door Trim Panel, Removing and Installing". - Place the door trim panel on a soft surface. - Equipped on some models: Remove the door ambient lighting lamps -3- on the back of the door trim panel by releasing the

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