Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Warm and cold


 Climate control system

Description Your vehicle has a deluxe automatic climate control system with three zones in which the temperature, air distribution, and air supply can be adjusted separately for the front left and r

 Operating in the cockpit

Fig. 92 3-zone deluxe automatic climate control system: controls Press the knobs, buttons or rocker switches to turn the functions on or off. When the function is switched on, the LED in the respecti

 Fluids in the A/C system

Refrigerant in the A/C system The sticker in the motor compartment provides information about the type and amount of refrigerant used in the vehicle's A/C system. The sticker is located in the front s


 Engine, Removing

Special tools and workshop equipment required Engine Support Bridge -10-222A- Engine Sling -2024A- Engine Support Bridge Adapter -3147- Ring Wrench 7-Piece Set -3337- Torque Wrench 1332 Insert - Ring Wrench - 16mm -VAG1332/14- Shop Crane -VAS6100- Engine Bung Set -VAS6122- Coolant Collectio

 During a phone call

Applies to: vehicles with telephone Depending on your mobile device and the type of connection, the following options may be available during a call: End call Mute Sending a tone sequence Press Numbers. You can enter tone sequences (DTMF) and send them to the other party on the call. Hold Puts t

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