Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Cockpit

Fig. 1 Cockpit

  1. Door handle
  2. Central locking switch
  3. Memory function buttons
  4. Vent
  5. Lever for:
    • Turn signals and high beams
    • High beam assistant
    • Audi active lane assist
    • Traffic jam assist
  6. Multifunction steering wheel with:
    • Horn
    • Driver's airbag
    • Operating buttons
    • Shift paddles
  7. Instrument cluster
  8. Reset trip odometer
  9. Windshield washer system lever
  10. Emergency flashers
  11. Center display
  12. Lockable glove compartment with:
    • Valet Parking function
  13. Front passenger's airbag
  14. Knee airbag
  15. Climate control system
  16. Depending on equipment, buttons for:
    • drive select
    • Start/Stop system
    • Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
    • Park assist
    • Parking system
    • Hill hold assist
    • Center display
  17. Socket
  18. Cup holder
  19. MMI On/Off button
  20. Center armrest with storage compartment.

    Depending on vehicle equipment, it may have:

    • Audi music interface
    • Audi phone box
    • Starting the engine if there is a malfunction
  21. Electromechanical parking brake button
  22. Selector lever (automatic transmission)
  23. Storage compartment
  24. [START ENGINE STOP] button
  25. Audi music interface
  26. Steering wheel adjustment
  27. Lever for:
    • Cruise control system
    • Audi adaptive cruise control
  28. Button for switching the head-up display on and off, adjusting the height
  29. Instrument illumination
  30. Connection port for the On Board Diagnostic System (OBD)
  31. Headlight control switch
  32. Hood release
  33. All-weather lights button
  34. Luggage compartment lid button
  35. Exterior mirror adjustment
  36. Buttons for:
    • Power windows
    • Child safety lock


Some the equipment listed here is only installed in certain models or is available as an option.


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