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Audi A4: Electrical Equipment General Information

Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2023 Service Manual / Electrical System / Electrical Equipment General Information


 Battery, Starter, Generator, Cruise Control


Battery General Information To guarantee a long service life, the Battery -A- must be checked, serviced and maintained as described in this manual. The Battery -A- supplies the power to start the eng

 Test Sequence

Battery, Checking, Vehicles with Battery Monitoring Control Module J367 or Energy Management Control Module J644 and Data Bus On Board Diagnostic Interface J533 In certain model series the followi


 Vehicles with Restrictor, Receiver/Dryer and A/C Compressor Regulator Valve -N280-, Checking Pressures, Externally Regulated Compressor

General Information   Note Connect the Air Conditioning (A/C) service station. Refer to → Chapter "A/C Service Station, Connecting". Observe the test requirements. Refer to → Chapter "Pressures, Checking". If a malfunction occurs at only one evaporator in vehicles with two

 Front Three-Point Seat Belt, Removing and Installing

  Caution This procedure contains mandatory replaceable parts. Refer to component overview and parts catalog prior to starting procedure. Mandatory Replacement Parts Bolt - Automatic Belt Retractor with Electric Seat Belt Tensioner to Pillar (Replace bolt if it was removed because of an

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