Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Wiring


 Vehicle Diagnosis, Testing and Information Systems

  WARNING During road tests using a vehicle diagnostic and information system, there is the hazard of extreme to lethal injuries! If vehicle diagnostic and information system is deposited

 Wiring Harness and Connector Repairs

Vehicle Electrical System, General Repair Information   Caution When disconnecting and connecting battery, the procedure must be followed as described in the Repair Manual.   WARNING S

 Wiring Harness Repair Set

Wiring Harness Repair Set -VAS1978- The Wiring Harness Repair Set -VAS1978- makes optimal repair quality possible in the realm of vehicle electronics. Using the tools, repairs affecting harness conn


 Leaking or Damaged Components except A/C Compressor, Reservoir or Receiver/Dryer

The refrigerant circuit was completely empty (for example with larger leak or cracked hose)   Note In the event of only a minor leak with slow escape of refrigerant (e.g. at a small leakage point), the amount of refrigerant oil lost and the amount of moisture penetrating is not sufficien

 Motor compartment

General information Special care is required if you are working in the motor compartment For work in the motor compartment, such as checking and filling fluids, there is a risk of injury, scalding, accidents, and burns. For this reason, follow all the warnings and general safety precautions provided

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