Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Electrical System



 Infotainment System

 Overview - Infotainment System

Overview - Infotainment System, MMI Radio Plus, 18E Information Electronics Control Module 1 -J794- with integrated CD player/SD card reader in the glove compartment Multimedia System Control Head


 Shock Absorber Leaks

Vehicles with Coil Springs Shock absorbers are frequently rejected and replaced because of leaks. Examinations on the test stand and on the vehicle have shown that the replacement of a large number of rejected shock absorbers was not justified. Slight leaking of oil ("sweating") at piston rod sea

 Component Location Overview - Antenna Systems

Component Location Overview - Antenna Systems, Sedan, USA 1 - Antenna Amplifier -R24- Removing and Installing. Refer to → Chapter "Antenna Amplifier -R24-, Removing and Installing, Sedan".      TV Antenna Amplifier 1 -R82- Removing and Installing. Refer to

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