Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Communication


 Infotainment System

 Overview - Infotainment System

Overview - Infotainment System, MMI Radio Plus, 18E Information Electronics Control Module 1 -J794- with integrated CD player/SD card reader in the glove compartment Multimedia System Control Head

 Component Location Overview - Infotainment System

1 - Bracket 2 - Information Electronics Control Module 1 -J794- Connector assignment. Refer to → Wiring diagrams, Troubleshooting & Component locations. Removing an


 Specified Values for the Refrigerant Circuit Pressures

  Note On vehicles with a high-voltage system but without a heat pump (for example on Audi A3 e-tron, Audi Q5 hybrid, Audi A6 hybrid and Audi A8 hybrid) no check valves are installed in the refrigerant circuit. On these vehicles valves are installed in the refrigerant circuit which regulat

 Overview - Steering Column

1 - Bolt 20 Nm + 90º Replace after removing Clean the threaded hole, for example, using a thread tap, before installing the new bolt. Install the bolt first by hand in the first threads. Check if the steering intermediate shaft is seated correctly by pulling. Then tighten the bol

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