Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Peripheral Camera


 Overview - Peripheral Camera System

The peripheral camera system (KA6) consists of four cameras. They are located in the radiator grille, in both side exterior mirrors and in the rear lid. The system helps the driver when parking, ma

 Peripheral Camera Control Module -J928-, Removing and Installing

The Peripheral Camera Control Module -J928- is located behind the left luggage compartment trim panel.   Note If replacing the control module, select the "Replace control module" function for

 Front Peripheral Camera -R243-, Removing and Installing

The Front Peripheral Camera -R243- is installed in the radiator grille under the Audi rings. Removing - Turn off the ignition and all electrical equipment and remove the ignition key. - Re


 Current Draw Test

  WARNING Do not check or charge a Battery -A- when the visual indicator has "no color or is bright yellow". Jump starting must not be used! There is a risk of explosion during testing, charging or jump starting. These Batteries -A- must be replaced. Make sure the correct charging mode is

 Rear Lid, Adjusting

Adjustment Dimensions Adjustment Dimensions, Sedan A -  Rear Lid to Top of Side Panel Gap dimension = 3.5 mm B -  Rear Lid to Side Panel Gap dimension = 3.5 mm C -  Rear Lid to Side Panel Gap dimension = 3.5 mm D -  Rear Lid to Rear Lid End Gap dimensi

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