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Audi A4: Fuses and bulbs



Replacing fuses Fig. 181 Driver's side footwell (left-hand drive vehicles): footrest 1, front passenger's side footwell (right-hand drive vehicles): cover 2 Fig. 182 Driver's side cockpit (left-hand

 Fuse assignment - footwell

Fig. 183 Driver's footwell (left-hand drive vehicle): fuse panel with plastic clip Fig. 184 Front passenger's footwell (right-hand drive vehicle): fuse panel with plastic clip Fuse panel (A) (brown)

 Customer information


 Door Lock, Removing and Installing

  NOTICE Risk of damaging the operating cable by deforming it. - Never sharply bend or kink the operating cable. Removing - Move the door window into the "closed" position. - Remove the door inner cover. Refer to → Chapter "Door Inner Cover, Removing and Installing". -&n

 Belt Fastening Detection

Front Passenger Occupant Detection Sensor -G128-, Removing and Installing   Note The passenger occupant detection sensor is only installed in the front passenger seat. Removing - Unscrew the front passenger seat and tip to the rear with the wires attached. Refer to → Chapter "Fr

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