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Audi A4: Refrigerant R134a Capacities, Refrigerant Oil and Approved Refrigerant Oils

Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2023 Service Manual / Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning / Refrigerant R134a Capacities, Refrigerant Oil and Approved Refrigerant Oils

Approved Refrigerant Oils and Capacities


  • As PAG (polyalkylene glycol) oil is highly hygroscopic (attracts water), opened containers are to be immediately resealed so as to be air-tight.
  • PAG oil from containers which have been open for a lengthy period is no longer usable.

Refrigerant oil capacities. Refer to → Chapter "Refrigerant Oil Capacities".

Refrigerant R134a Capacities


  • When charging the high-pressure side of refrigerant circuits, always use maximum amount of refrigerant (some of the refrigerant remains in the charging hoses).
  • The specified capacities for refrigerant R134a apply if no other different specifications given for the "S" and "RS".
  • Make sure the A/C Service Station is standing at the same level as the vehicle (maximum difference: 50 cm) when charging the refrigerant circuit. If a difference in height is large enough, a difference between the amount of refrigerant displayed on the service station and amount actually filled in the circuit will result (depending on the version of the A/C Service Station). The ability of the A/C Service Station to perform an exact filling can change.
  • For compressor allocation ("Zexel/Valeo", "Sanden" or "Denso/Nippondenso"). Refer to the Parts Catalog and to → Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning; Rep. Gr.87; System Overview - Refrigerant Circuit (vehicle-specific repair manual).
  • Refrigerant circuits converted from R12 to R134a are to be filled with the quantity indicated in the repair manual "Air conditioner with refrigerant R12". (This repair manual is only available in hard copy).
  • Beginning from production year 2006, the name of the "Zexel" A/C compressor was changed from "Zexel" to "Valeo".

Approved Refrigerant Oils. Refer to → Chapter "Approved Refrigerant Oils".


     Tools and Equipment

     Testing Equipment, Tools and Materials

    General Information   Note This list outlines the testers, tools and materials required for expert refrigerant circuit repair work. For tools and materials available from the distribution ce

     Commercially Available Tools and Materials

    Fin comb Fill hoses 5/8"-18 UNF thread   Note Use differently colored charging hoses (1800 mm long). Have valve opener and spare seals to hand. A charging hose in short version is also incl


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    Selecting the radio Fig. 148 Center display: FM station list Fig. 149 Center display: SiriusXM station list Depending on the vehicle equipment, the radio may support the FM, AM, and SiriusXM (satellite radio) frequency bands. Using the HD Radio receiver* also allows you to receive radio stations o


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