Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Storage and convenience


 Power sources

When the ignition is switched on, you may be able to use multiple power sources for external devices, depending on the vehicle equipment. 12 volt sockets You can connect electrical accessories to the

 Cup holders

Applies to: vehicles with cup holders Fig. 75 Rear center armrest*: cup holders Depending on vehicle equipment, your vehicle may have cup holders in the front center console and in the rear center ar

 Luggage compartment

General information All pieces of luggage or objects must be securely fastened in the luggage compartment. Note the following to maintain good vehicle handling: Distribute the load evenly in the lug


 Trim Molding, Removing and Installing

Trim Molding, Removing and Installing, Front Door Removing - Using a small screwdriver -2-, pry the trim molding -1- out of the clip at the opening in the direction of -arrow-. - Carefully pry the entire length of the trim molding out of the window guide -3- and remove it. Installing

 Seat Position Sensor

Overview - Seat Position Sensor   Note The front passenger side is shown. 1 - Connector Coupling Connector station in the underbody under the seat. 2 - Bolt 1.2 Nm 3 - Front Passenger Occupant Detection Sensor -G128- Only the front passenger side Removin

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