Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Telephone



Applies to: vehicles with telephone You can operate various telephone functions easily through the MMI in your vehicle. Depending on the country and the vehicle equipment, the following options may b

 Using the Audi phone box

General information Applies to: vehicles with Audi phone box Fig. 135 Front center console: Audi phone box with connections Depending on vehicle equipment, you may be able to use the following functi

 Using the telephone

Accessing the telephone functions Applies to: vehicles with telephone Fig. 136 Center display: selection menu Requirement: a mobile device must be connected to the MMI. Applies to: MMI: Select on t


 Drive Axle, Removing and Installing

  Caution This procedure contains mandatory replaceable parts. Refer to component overview and parts catalog prior to starting procedure. Mandatory Replacement Parts Bolt - Outer CV Joint to Drive Axle Clamp - CV Boot to Outer CV Joint Clamp - CV Boot to Drive Axle Bolts - Backing Plat

 Electric Coolant Pump, Removing and Installing

Coolant Recirculation Pump -V50-, Removing and Installing Special tools and workshop equipment required Hose Clamps - Up To 25mm -3094- Hose Clip Pliers -VAS6340- Removing - Remove the engine cover. Refer to → Servicing - 4-Cylinder 2.0L 4V TFSI Engine; Rep. Gr.10; Engine

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