Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Using Service Station


 General Information

Vehicles with a high-voltage system (hybrid vehicles) Extremely Dangerous Due to High-Voltage The high-voltage system is under high-voltage. Death or serious bodily injury by electric shock. - I

 Service Station, Important Usage Information

Observe the following with regard to service station operation. Refer to the Parts Catalog (Tools; Special Tools and Equipment: A/C and Heating). - The filters and dryers installed must be repl

 Refrigerant Circuit, Discharging with Service Station

Work procedure may vary depending on the type of tools selected (the tool-specific operating instructions should therefore be followed). The refrigerant circuit is to be discharged if parts of th


 DSG Transmission Mechatronic -J743-

Overview - Mechatronic 1 - Transmission Fluid Pan Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Transmission Fluid Pan, Removing and Installing". 2 - Bolt Tightening specification and sequence. Refer to → Fig. "Transmission Fluid Pan - Tightening Specificat

 Battery Charger -VAS5900- Service Charge

  WARNING Risk of injury. Follow all warning messages and safety precautions. Refer to → Chapter "Warnings and Safety Precautions".   Caution "Service charging" is not permitted for VW vehicles, because voltage surges can damage the on-board electronics. The Battery -A- must

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