Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Assist systems


 General information

Safety precautions WARNING As the driver, you are always completely responsible for all driving tasks. The assist systems cannot replace the driver's attention. Give your full attention to drivin

 Driving information

 Speed warning system

Description Applies to: vehicles with speed warning system The speed warning system helps the driver to stay below a specified maximum speed. A warning threshold can be set in the MMI for this purpo


 Battery Charger -VAS5095A-

  WARNING Risk of injury. Follow all warning messages and safety precautions. Refer to → Chapter "Warnings and Safety Precautions". In order to prevent damage to the Battery -A- or vehicle, observe the battery type information. Refer to → Chapter "Battery Types".   WAR

 Lock Carrier

Overview - Lock Carrier 1 - Impact Member 2 - Air Duct Clipped into the bumper cover bracket 3 - Bolt 8 Nm 4 - Lower Air Guide For the radiator 5 - Bumper Cover Bracket Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Bumper Cover Bracket,

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