Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Multiport Fuel Injection


 Injection System

Component Location Overview - Injection System Component Location Overview - Engine Compartment 1 - Oxygen Sensor after Catalytic Converter -G130- with Heater for Oxygen Sensor 1 after Cat

 Air Filter

Overview - Air Filter Housing 1 - Snow Screen Market-Specific Version 2 - Air Duct On the lock carrier Clean off any salt and dirt 3 - Water Drain Clean 4 


Intake Air Temperature Sensor -G42-/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor -G71-, Removing and Installing All procedures are described under: → Servicing - 4-Cylinder 2.0L 4V TFSI Engine; Rep


 Adapter for Assembling Flushing Circuit

Various adapters which are required to connect the Air Conditioning (A/C) service station to the refrigerant circuit for flushing and to bridge the removed receiver/dryer or reservoir and expansion valve (specific to vehicle) are in the following table. Using a charge hose with 5/8 -18 UNF co

 Cover and Cushion, Removing and Installing

Cover and Cushion, Removing and Installing, Bench Seat Special tools and workshop equipment required Pry Lever -80-200-   Caution This procedure contains mandatory replaceable parts. Refer to component overview and parts catalog prior to starting procedure. Mandatory Replacement Parts

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