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Audi A4: Refrigerant Circuit General Information


 Vehicles with a High Voltage System (Hybrid Vehicles)

Extremely Dangerous Due to High-Voltage The high-voltage system is under high-voltage. Death or serious bodily injury by electric shock. - Individuals with electronic/medical life- and health su

 Refrigerant Circuit Components Allocation, High and Low Pressure Sides

 General Information

High pressure side are the condenser, receiver/dryer and restrictor or expansion valve to separate the high and low pressure liquid ends. High pressure results from the restrictor or expansion valve


 Refrigerant Circuit

Refrigerant Circuit with Expansion Valve and Evaporator The following illustration shows only the principle of a refrigerant circuit, the design of the refrigerant circuit in the respective vehicle can be found in the vehicle-specific repair manual. Refer to → Heating, Ventilation and Air


Adaptive dampers Applies to: vehicles with suspension control The adaptive dampers are an electronically-controlled damping system. The firmness of the suspension will adapt to the driving conditions and the driving situation. The settings depend on the selected Audi drive select* mode. Ground clear

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