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Audi A4: Windshield

Overview - Windshield

Overview - Windshield

1 -  Windshield

  • Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Windshield, Removing and Installing".
  • Distance to roof: Dimension -c- = 2.5 mm
  • Distance to A-pillars: Dimension -e- = greater than 3 mm; center if necessary

2 -  Adhesive Bead

  • Observe minimum curing times. Refer to → Chapter "Minimum Curing Times for Bonded Windows".
  • Different distances to window edge:
  • Dimension -a- = 7 mm
  • Dimension -b- = 7.5 mm
  • Dimension -d- = 9 mm
  • Adhesive bead thickness.

3 -  Windshield Frame

4 -  Plenum Chamber Cover Frame

  • Windshield component
  • No replacement part
  • With a new windshield, remove the protective molding before installing the cowl panel trim. Refer to → Fig. "Protective Molding, Removing".

5 -  Plenum Chamber Cover

  • Insert in the frame -4-.
  • Only press on until it stops after the minimum curing time for the adhesive has elapsed.

6 -  Cover Profile

  • Replace if reusing an undamaged windshield
  • Cover profile, mounting on undamaged windshield. Refer to → Anchor

7 -  Clamping Strip

  • For the drip rail

8 -  Drip Rail

  • Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Drip Rail, Removing and Installing".

Protective Molding, Removing

- For a new windshield -3-, the protective molding -1- must first be removed from the frame -2- before assembling the plenum chamber cover.


Windshield, Removing and Installing

  • Follow repair instructions. Refer to → Chapter "Repair Information".
  • The following components must be replaced after removal. Refer to → Chapter "Overview - Windshield".
  • Depending on the equipment version, the following additional work must be performed.
  • Required tools and materials for removal and installation. Refer to → Chapter "Required Tools and Materials for Removal and Installation".


- Remove the plenum chamber cover. Refer to → Chapter "Plenum Chamber Cover, Removing and Installing".

- Remove the sun visors and the sun visor center support. Refer to → Body Interior; Rep. Gr.68; Equipment; Overview - Sun Visors.

- Remove the interior rearview mirror. Refer to → Body Interior; Rep. Gr.68; Interior Rearview Mirror; Interior Rearview Mirror, Removing and Installing.

- Remove the rain/light recognition sensor. Refer to → Electrical Equipment; Rep. Gr.92; Windshield Wiper System; Rain/Light Recognition Sensor, Removing and Installing.

- Remove the left and right A-pillar trim panels. Refer to → Body Interior; Rep. Gr.70; Vehicle Interior Trim Panels; A-Pillar Trim Panel, Removing and Installing.

- Disconnect the connectors, if equipped.


Risk of injury to the hands and eyes from glass fragments.

Getting cut is possible.

- Wear protective eyewear.

- Wear safety gloves.

- Unroll approximately 6.5 meters (7.1 yards) of cutting wire (approximately six turns) with the -VAS6452/1- and cut it.

- To prevent any damage, cover the area where the awl comes out at the bottom of the body flange with adhesive tape -1-.

- Working from the inside outward, pierce the adhesive bead in this area using the awl -2-.

- Thread both cutting wire ends -3- into the awl and pull it toward the inside.


- Place the cutting wire all the way around under the windshield.

  • The wire ends must not be twisted on the adhesive bead pass-through -arrow-.


- Mount both reel devices on the inside of the glass.


- Insert the cutting wire end -1- into the reel device -2-.


- Tension the cutting wire and place the protective film -2- between the instrument panel and the cutting wire.


- Cut the first section free. This will guide the cutting wire into the integrated idler roller -arrow- on the reel device.


- Insert an additional guide awl -2- into the adhesive bead and secure it to the window glass with the suction cup to make sure that the cutting wire runs as close to the glass as possible.

- If necessary, move the protective film -3- along with the wire and continue cutting the window glass free with the reel device -1-.


- Move the reel device and the guide awl and cut the area at the A-pillar free.

- Move the reel device and guide awl up to the center of the glass.


- Cut the window glass free up to the center of the glass.


- Use the second reel device to cut the lower section of the window glass free.


- Move the reel device upward and insert the guide awl.


- Cut the window glass out by moving upward along the A-pillar.


- Move the reel device over the center of the window glass and over the first reel device and cut the windshield completely free at the upper edge.

- Remove the windshield from the opening for the window using the -VAG1344-.



- Installation instructions. Refer to → Chapter "Required Tools and Materials for Removal and Installation".

- Prepare the undamaged window glass for installing. Refer to → Chapter "Undamaged Window Glass, Preparing for Installation".

Cover Profile, Mounting on Undamaged Windshield:

- Before installing the new cover profile, remove the rest of the old one -2- from the windshield -1- using a commercially available glass scraper.



The rest of the old glass adhesive bead -3- serves as an installation marker for the new cover profile.

- Prepare the new window glass for installation. Refer to → Chapter "New Window Glass, Preparing for Installation".

- Prepare the body flange for installation. Refer to → Chapter "Body Flange, Preparing for Installation".

- Insert the windshield into the window opening using two suction lifters and align it on the sides.

  • Distance from the window edge to the roof frame -Item 1-.
  • Secure the window to the top of the roof with adhesive tape.

- First remove the protective molding from the frame before installing the plenum chamber cover. Refer to → Fig. "Protective Molding, Removing".

- Observe minimum curing times. Refer to → Chapter "Minimum Curing Times for Bonded Windows".

Further installation is performed in reverse order of removal, while noting the following:

- Versions with driver assistance systems front camera: Recalibrate the camera. Refer to → Suspension, Wheels, Steering; Rep. Gr.44; Driver Assistance Systems Front Camera; Driver Assistance Systems Front Camera, Calibrating.

- Versions with Matrix LED headlamp: calibrate the Matrix LED headlamp. Refer to → Electrical Equipment; Rep. Gr.94; Headlamp.


     Rear Window

    Overview - Rear Window Overview - Rear Window, Sedan 1 -  Rear Window Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Rear Window, Removing and Installing". Distance to roof: dimensio

     Rear Window, Removing and Installing

    Undamaged Rear Window, Removing and Installing, Sedan Special tools and workshop equipment required Cutting Tool for Bonded Windows -VAS6452- Cutting Tool for Bonded Windows - Wire Reel -VAS6452/1-

     Side Windows

    Overview - Rear Side Window Overview - Rear Side Window, Sedan 1 -  Rear Side Window Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Rear Side Window, Removing and Installing". After


     Tire mobility kit

    Preparation Applies to: vehicles with tire mobility kit Read and follow the important safety precautions. Set the parking brake. Select the "P" selector lever position. Check if a repair with the tire mobility kit is possible. Using tire mobility kit Applies to: vehicles with tire mobility kit


    Oil Pan/Oil Pump Overview - Oil Pan/Oil Pump 1 - Nut Tightening specifications. Refer to → Servicing - 4-Cylinder 2.0L 4V TFSI Engine; Rep. Gr.17; Oil Pan/Oil Pump; Overview - Oil Pan/Oil Pump. 2 - Oil Level Thermal Sensor -G266- Removing and installing.

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