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Audi A4: Windshield

Overview - Windshield

Overview - Windshield

1 -  Windshield

  • Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Windshield, Removing and Installing".
  • Distance to roof: Dimension -c- = 2.5 mm
  • Distance to A-pillars: Dimension -e- = greater than 3 mm; center if necessary

2 -  Adhesive Bead

  • Observe minimum curing times. Refer to → Chapter "Minimum Curing Times for Bonded Windows".
  • Different distances to window edge:
  • Dimension -a- = 7 mm
  • Dimension -b- = 7.5 mm
  • Dimension -d- = 9 mm
  • Adhesive bead thickness.

3 -  Windshield Frame

4 -  Plenum Chamber Cover Frame

  • Windshield component
  • No replacement part
  • With a new windshield, remove the protective molding before installing the cowl panel trim. Refer to → Fig. "Protective Molding, Removing".

5 -  Plenum Chamber Cover

  • Insert in the frame -4-.
  • Only press on until it stops after the minimum curing time for the adhesive has elapsed.

6 -  Cover Profile

  • Replace if reusing an undamaged windshield
  • Cover profile, mounting on undamaged windshield. Refer to → Anchor

7 -  Clamping Strip

  • For the drip rail

8 -  Drip Rail

  • Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Drip Rail, Removing and Installing".

Protective Molding, Removing

- For a new windshield -3-, the protective molding -1- must first be removed from the frame -2- before assembling the plenum chamber cover.


Windshield, Removing and Installing

  • Follow repair instructions. Refer to → Chapter "Repair Information".
  • The following components must be replaced after removal. Refer to → Chapter "Overview - Windshield".
  • Depending on the equipment version, the following additional work must be performed.
  • Required tools and materials for removal and installation. Refer to → Chapter "Required Tools and Materials for Removal and Installation".


- Remove the plenum chamber cover. Refer to → Chapter "Plenum Chamber Cover, Removing and Installing".

- Remove the sun visors and the sun visor center support. Refer to → Body Interior; Rep. Gr.68; Equipment; Overview - Sun Visors.

- Remove the interior rearview mirror. Refer to → Body Interior; Rep. Gr.68; Interior Rearview Mirror; Interior Rearview Mirror, Removing and Installing.

- Remove the rain/light recognition sensor. Refer to → Electrical Equipment; Rep. Gr.92; Windshield Wiper System; Rain/Light Recognition Sensor, Removing and Installing.

- Remove the left and right A-pillar trim panels. Refer to → Body Interior; Rep. Gr.70; Vehicle Interior Trim Panels; A-Pillar Trim Panel, Removing and Installing.

- Disconnect the connectors, if equipped.


Risk of injury to the hands and eyes from glass fragments.

Getting cut is possible.

- Wear protective eyewear.

- Wear safety gloves.

- Unroll approximately 6.5 meters (7.1 yards) of cutting wire (approximately six turns) with the -VAS6452/1- and cut it.

- To prevent any damage, cover the area where the awl comes out at the bottom of the body flange with adhesive tape -1-.

- Working from the inside outward, pierce the adhesive bead in this area using the awl -2-.

- Thread both cutting wire ends -3- into the awl and pull it toward the inside.


- Place the cutting wire all the way around under the windshield.

  • The wire ends must not be twisted on the adhesive bead pass-through -arrow-.


- Mount both reel devices on the inside of the glass.


- Insert the cutting wire end -1- into the reel device -2-.


- Tension the cutting wire and place the protective film -2- between the instrument panel and the cutting wire.


- Cut the first section free. This will guide the cutting wire into the integrated idler roller -arrow- on the reel device.


- Insert an additional guide awl -2- into the adhesive bead and secure it to the window glass with the suction cup to make sure that the cutting wire runs as close to the glass as possible.

- If necessary, move the protective film -3- along with the wire and continue cutting the window glass free with the reel device -1-.


- Move the reel device and the guide awl and cut the area at the A-pillar free.

- Move the reel device and guide awl up to the center of the glass.


- Cut the window glass free up to the center of the glass.


- Use the second reel device to cut the lower section of the window glass free.


- Move the reel device upward and insert the guide awl.


- Cut the window glass out by moving upward along the A-pillar.


- Move the reel device over the center of the window glass and over the first reel device and cut the windshield completely free at the upper edge.

- Remove the windshield from the opening for the window using the -VAG1344-.



- Installation instructions. Refer to → Chapter "Required Tools and Materials for Removal and Installation".

- Prepare the undamaged window glass for installing. Refer to → Chapter "Undamaged Window Glass, Preparing for Installation".

Cover Profile, Mounting on Undamaged Windshield:

- Before installing the new cover profile, remove the rest of the old one -2- from the windshield -1- using a commercially available glass scraper.



The rest of the old glass adhesive bead -3- serves as an installation marker for the new cover profile.

- Prepare the new window glass for installation. Refer to → Chapter "New Window Glass, Preparing for Installation".

- Prepare the body flange for installation. Refer to → Chapter "Body Flange, Preparing for Installation".

- Insert the windshield into the window opening using two suction lifters and align it on the sides.

  • Distance from the window edge to the roof frame -Item 1-.
  • Secure the window to the top of the roof with adhesive tape.

- First remove the protective molding from the frame before installing the plenum chamber cover. Refer to → Fig. "Protective Molding, Removing".

- Observe minimum curing times. Refer to → Chapter "Minimum Curing Times for Bonded Windows".

Further installation is performed in reverse order of removal, while noting the following:

- Versions with driver assistance systems front camera: Recalibrate the camera. Refer to → Suspension, Wheels, Steering; Rep. Gr.44; Driver Assistance Systems Front Camera; Driver Assistance Systems Front Camera, Calibrating.

- Versions with Matrix LED headlamp: calibrate the Matrix LED headlamp. Refer to → Electrical Equipment; Rep. Gr.94; Headlamp.


     Rear Window

    Overview - Rear Window Overview - Rear Window, Sedan 1 -  Rear Window Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Rear Window, Removing and Installing". Distance to roof: dimensio

     Rear Window, Removing and Installing

    Undamaged Rear Window, Removing and Installing, Sedan Special tools and workshop equipment required Cutting Tool for Bonded Windows -VAS6452- Cutting Tool for Bonded Windows - Wire Reel -VAS6452/1-

     Side Windows

    Overview - Rear Side Window Overview - Rear Side Window, Sedan 1 -  Rear Side Window Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Rear Side Window, Removing and Installing". After


     Release Cable, Removing and Installing

    Latch Release Cable, Removing and Installing Removing - Remove the vehicle electrical system control module bracket. Refer to → Electrical Equipment; Rep. Gr.97; Relay Panels, Fuse Panels, E-boxes; Component Location Overview - Relay Panels, Fuse Panels, E-boxes. - Loo

     Peripheral Camera Control Module -J928-, Removing and Installing

    The Peripheral Camera Control Module -J928- is located behind the left luggage compartment trim panel.   Note If replacing the control module, select the "Replace control module" function for the corresponding control module on the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester. Removing - Turn off the ign

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