Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Engine Assembly


 Engine, Removing

Special tools and workshop equipment required Engine Support Bridge -10-222A- Engine Sling -2024A- Engine Support Bridge Adapter -3147- Ring Wrench 7-Piece Set -3337- Torque Wrench 1332 Insert -

 Engine, Installing

Special tools and workshop equipment required Clutch Module Assembly Aid -T40169- Clutch Module Transportation Lock -T40170- as well as when removing with listed special tools Engine Support Brid

 Subframe Mount

Overview - Subframe Mount Engine Mount 1 - Subframe 2 - Engine Mount Versions with Left Electrohydraulic Engine Mount Solenoid Valve -N144- Right Electrohydraulic Engine Mou


 Cup holders

Applies to: vehicles with cup holders Fig. 75 Rear center armrest*: cup holders Depending on vehicle equipment, your vehicle may have cup holders in the front center console and in the rear center armrest. Cup holders in the rear center armrest* Fold the center armrest* downward. To open the cu

 Rearview camera and peripheral cameras

Introduction Applies to: vehicles with rearview camera/peripheral cameras Fig. 126 Orientation line display when parking Depending on the vehicle equipment, a rearview camera or multiple peripheral cameras may be available. The rearview camera helps you to park or maneuver using the orientation li

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