Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Steering


 Steering Wheel

Overview - Steering Wheel Overview - Steering Wheel, Three-Spoke Steering Wheel 1 - Bolt Tightening specification. Refer to → Communication; Rep. Gr.91; Multifunction St

 Steering Column

 Overview - Steering Column

1 - Bolt 20 Nm + 90º Replace after removing Clean the threaded hole, for example, using a thread tap, before installing the new bolt. Install the bolt first by hand in the first thre


 Refrigerant Circuit, Checking Pressure with Service Station

General Information   Note All test conditions marked * are vehicle-specific and are described in the Repair Manual for the relevant vehicle. Check cooling performance. Connections with valve and service connections for measurement and testing. Refer to → Heating, Ventilation and


The reservoir collects the vaporized and gaseous mixture coming from the evaporator to ensure the compressor only receives gaseous refrigerant. Gaseous refrigerant is formed from the vapor. The refrigerant oil flowing in the circuit is not retained in the reservoir as it has an oil drilling. Moi

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