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Audi A4: Wheel Bearing in Curb Weight Position, Lifting Vehicles with Coil Spring

Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2023 Service Manual / Chassis / General, Technical data / Repair Information / Wheel Bearing in Curb Weight Position, Lifting Vehicles with Coil Spring

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Engine and Gearbox Jack -VAS6931-
  • Tensioning Strap -T10038-
  • Engine/Gearbox Jack Adapter - Wheel Hub Support -T10149-


All bolts on chassis components with bonded rubber bushings must be tightened in curb weight position. Refer to → Chapter "Vehicles with Coil Springs, Checking the Curb Weight Position for Axle Alignment".

  • Bonded rubber bushings have a limited range of rotation. Axle components with bonded rubber bushings must be brought into the position they will be in when driving before they are tightened (curb weight position).
  • Otherwise, the bonded rubber bushing will have tension, which will reduce the service life.
  • By raising the corresponding suspension using the -VAS6931- and -T10149-, this position can be simulated on the hoist.


- Before starting the procedure, determine the measurement -a-, for example using a tape measure, from the center of the wheel to the lower edge of the fender/wheel housing.


The measurement must be taken in curb weight position.

- Note the measurement. This will be needed when tightening the bolts/nuts.


- Remove the wheel. Refer to → Chapter "Wheels and Tires".

- Turn the wheel hub, until a wheel bolt hole is at the top.

- Install the -T10149- with a wheel bolt -2- on the wheel hub.



Ignore item -1-.


Tightening of the applicable bolts/nuts must only occur if the dimension between the center of the wheel hub and the lower edge of the fender/wheel housing that was measured before starting the procedure has been attained.


Risk of accident!

A vehicle that is not secured can slide off the hoist.

- Insert the -T10149- in the -VAS6931- and lift the wheel bearing housing slightly.

  • Before the respective suspension is lifted up to the curb weight position, the vehicle must be tied down using the -T10038- on the -VAS6931-.

- Lift the wheel bearing housing, until the dimension -a- has been reached.


Risk of accident!

  • Do not lift or lower the vehicle when the -VAS6931- is under the vehicle.
  • Do not leave the -VAS6931- under the vehicle any longer than necessary.

- Tighten the applicable bolts and nuts.

- Lower the wheel bearing housing.

- Move the -VAS6931- to the side

- Remove the -T10149-.


Tightening Specifications

  • Refer to → Chapter "Wheels and Tires"



    Front Gas-Filled Shock Absorbers, Venting and Draining Special tools and workshop equipment required Hand drill 3 mm diameter drill bit. 6 mm diameter drill bit Oil collecting container Protecti

     Front Suspension



     Rear Seats

    Overview - Bench Seat/Single Seat 1 - Grommets For securing the rear bench seat Clipped into the vehicle floor Replace each time the bench seat is removed 2 - Bench Seat Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Bench Seat/Single Seat, Removing and Installing".

     Tire pressure monitoring system

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