Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: General, Technical data

Technical Data


The following details can be found on the transmission housing -arrows-:

  • Codes
  • Serial Number
  • Production Date




Safety Precautions

General Safety Precautions

Pay Attention to the following to Prevent Personal Injury and Vehicle Damage


Risk of injury and accident by accidentally engaging a selector lever position with the engine running.

Before work is done with the engine running, move the selector lever in the "P" position and pull the parking brake button to activate the electro-mechanical parking brake.

To Prevent Personal Injury, Damage or Destruction of Electrical and Electronic Components, Observe the Following

  • Only connect and disconnect test equipment when the ignition is off.


Risk of destroying electronic components when disconnecting the battery.

  • Follow the steps when disconnecting the battery.
  • Always turn off the ignition before disconnecting the battery.

- Disconnect the battery. Refer to → Electrical Equipment; Rep. Gr.27; Battery; Battery, Disconnecting and Connecting.

Safety Precautions when Working on Vehicles with Start/Stop System


There is a risk of injury from unintended engine start.

The engine can start unexpectedly when the Start/Stop System is activated on the vehicle. A message in the instrument cluster indicates whether the Start/Stop System is activated.

- Deactivate the Start/Stop System: switch off the ignition.

Safety Precautions during Road Test with Testing Equipment


There is a risk of injury due to unsecured testing equipment.

If the front passenger airbag activates during an accident unsecured testing equipment becomes a dangerous projectile.

- Secure testing equipment on the rear seat.


- Have a second person operate testing equipment on the rear seat.

Safety Precautions when Tow Starting and Towing


Risk of destroying the transmission.

  • If the vehicle needs to be towed, make sure the selector lever is in "N" or the parking lock must be emergency released. Refer to → Chapter "Emergency Release from P".
  • The vehicle may not be towed farther than 50 km and not faster than 50 km/h.


The engine cannot be tow-started, for example, if the battery is too weak or if the starter is not working.


     Repair Information

    Guidelines for Clean Working Conditions Thoroughly clean connection points and their surrounding areas with engine or brake cleaner before loosening and allow the cleaned connection points to dry

     Overview - Transmission

    1 - Rear Final Drive Only for AWD Removing and installing. Refer to → Rear Final Drive; Rep. Gr.39; Final Drive; Final Drive, Removing and Installing. 2 - D

     Controls, Housing


     Antenna Amplifier, Removing and Installing

    Antenna Amplifier -R24-, Removing and Installing, Sedan The Antenna Amplifier -R24- is located on the upper right of the D-pillar. Removing - Turn off the ignition and all electrical equipment and remove the ignition key. - Remove the D-pillar trim panel. Refer to → Body Interior;

     Mobile Online Services

    Overview - Mobile Online Services The mobile online service (1W3) consist of the eCall, connected Gateway, and the Data Bus on Board Diagnostic Interface -J533-. The Data Bus on Board Diagnostic Interface -J533- is installed under the rear bench seat for crash safety. The Data Bus on Board Diagn

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