Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Transmission


 Servicing - 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission 0CJ, 0CL, 0CK

 General, Technical data

Repair Information General Repair Information Using the Repair Manual Refer to the "7-Speed DSG Transmission 0CK" repair manual for all special procedures with the transmission installed, depending



 Rear Seat Covers and Cushions

Overview - Cover and Cushion Overview - Cover and Cushion, Sport Bench Seat 1 - Seat Frame With the molded piece 2 - Upholstery Clip For securing the cover to the cushion Replace Install at the same location with Upholstery Clip Pliers -VAG1634-. 3 - Wire Cov

 Seat Belt Latch, Function Test

Seat Belt Latch, Checking - Insert the belt tongue into the seat belt latch until it clicks into place. Check whether the locking mechanism is properly engaged by giving the seat belt webbing a firm jerk. Replace the entire seat belt with the seat belt latch if the belt tongue fails even o

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