Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Rear Final Drive, Differential


 Transmission Control

Component Location Overview - Transmission Control 1 - DSG Transmission Mechatronic -J743- Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Mechatronic, Removing and Installing". 2&n


Component Location Overview - Gaskets 1 - Input Shaft Seal Replacing. Refer to → Servicing - 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission 0CJ, 0CK, 0CL; Rep. Gr.39; Seals; Input Sh


Overview - Differential 1 - Left Flange Shaft Seal Replacing. Refer to → Chapter "Left Seal, Replacing". 2 - Shim Behind the taper roller bearing outer race 3 -


 Technical data

Identification data Vehicle data label Fig. 188 Vehicle identification label The vehicle identification label > fig. 188 is located in the luggage compartment under the cargo floor cover. The vehicle identification label information can also be found in the Warranty & Maintenance booklet. T

 Warnings when Working on Vehicles with High Voltage System

Vehicles with a High-Voltage System (Hybrid Vehicles) Working on Vehicles with High-Voltage System (Hybrid Vehicles) Extremely Dangerous Due to High-Voltage The high-voltage system is under high-voltage. Death or serious bodily injury by electric shock. - Individuals with electronic/medical li

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