Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Controls, Housing


 Selector Mechanism

Overview - Selector Mechanism Selector Mechanism in the Vehicle Interior 1 - Selector Mechanism With the following integrated components: Selector Lever -E313- Selector Lever Position

 Gearshift Mechanism, Checking

  WARNING Risk of injury and accident by accidentally engaging a selector lever position with the engine running. Before working with the engine running, move the transmission into "P" and

 Selector Lever Handle, Removing and Installing

  Note Both the selector lever handle and the selector lever boot are removed together. Special tools and workshop equipment required Trim Removal Wedge -3409- Torque Wrench 1410 - VAG1410-


 Seat Forward/Back Adjuster, Removing and Installing

Seat Forward/Back Adjuster, Removing and Installing, Seat Forward/Back Adjustment Handle Removing - Unscrew the front seat and tip to the rear with the wires attached. Refer to → Chapter "Front Seat, Removing and Installing". - To release the handle push a flat-head screwdriver b

 Interior Door Mechanism, Removing and Installing

Removing - Remove the door trim panel. Refer to → Chapter "Front Door Trim Panel, Removing and Installing". - Place the door trim panel on a soft surface. - Equipped on some models: Remove the door ambient lighting lamps -3- on the back of the door trim panel by releasing the

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