Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Axle Alignment


 Axle Alignment Information

Wheel alignment must only performed using VW/Audi-approved alignment equipment. Each time wheels are aligned, both front and rear wheels must be aligned. Otherwise, the correct driving handling of t

 Need for Axle Alignment, Evaluating

A wheel alignment is necessary if: Vehicle shows handling problems. Involved in an accident. If axle components were removed and installed or replaced. Tire wear patterns are uneven. After REMOV

 Vehicles with Coil Springs, Checking the Curb Weight Position for Axle Alignment

The curb weight position must be checked before beginning an axle alignment on vehicles with coil springs. Explanation of the curb weight position. Determine the Dimension -a- - Determine dimen


 Overview - Infotainment System

Overview - Infotainment System, MMI Radio Plus, 18E Information Electronics Control Module 1 -J794- with integrated CD player/SD card reader in the glove compartment Multimedia System Control Head -E380- in the center console, UJ0 Front Information Display Control Head -J685-, display in cent

 Service Station, Connecting with No Connection on Low- and High Pressure Side of Refrigerant Circuit

General Information On the following vehicles, no service connection is provided for the service station on the low-pressure side of the refrigerant circuit; adapters must be used to connect the service station to the refrigerant circuit on these vehicles: Audi 80, Audi Cabrio, Audi Coupe Audi

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