Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Flywheel, Removing and Installing

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Puller - Clutch Module -T40176-
  • Clutch Disc Shaft Spline Lubricant -G 000 100-
  • Sealing Grease. Refer to the Parts Catalog.




  • There is a normal "clicking" in the dual mass flywheel with "LuK" centrifugal pendulum absorber -A-.
  • A "clicking" is heard when turning the clutch module -A- approximately every 90º. This noise comes from shifting pendulum masses (centrifugal pendulum absorber) in the dual mass flywheel and is not a fault.
  • Secure the transmission on the Engine And Transmission Holder -VAS6095-. Refer to → Chapter "Securing on Engine and Transmission Holder".

- Remove the left flange shaft. Refer to → Chapter "Left Flange Shaft, Removing and Installing".


- Attach the Puller - Clutch Module -T40176- to the flywheel -A- with the nut -B--arrow-.

- Turn the Puller - Clutch Module -T40176- upward.


To prevent the flywheel from tilting, counterhold it underneath as shown.

- Remove the flywheel from the input shaft -arrow-. Do not tilt the flywheel when doing this.



Install in reverse order of removal. At the same time note the following:

- Always clean the transmission housing in the area where the differential is accessed -arrow A- and the shaft seal -arrow B-.



Replace the shaft seal between the differential and transmission housing -arrow B- if it is damaged.

- Fill the space between the sealing/dust lip halfway with sealing grease. Refer to the Parts Catalog for the correct sealing grease.

- Clean the input shaft -arrow-.

- Lubricate the input shaft splines using Grease for Clutch Disc Shaft Splines -G 000 100-.


- Slide the clutch module onto the input shaft -arrow- carefully without tilting it.


- Remove the Puller - Clutch Module -T40176- from the flywheel -A-.

- Install the left flange shaft. Refer to → Chapter "Left Flange Shaft, Removing and Installing".



     Dual Clutch, Removing and Installing

    Special tools and workshop equipment required Shop Crane -VAS6100- Puller - Input Shaft -T40050- Pressure Stand -T40099- Guide Pins - Gearbox -T40288- Engine Support Bridge - Additional Hooks (2

     Input Shaft Double Shaft Seal, Replacing

    Special tools and workshop equipment required Puller - Crankshaft/Power Steering Seal -T20143- Thrust Piece -T40300- Clutch, engaging bearing and slave cylinder removed. Refer to → Chap

     Controls, Housing


     General Information

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