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Audi A4: Impact Member, Removing and Installing

Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2023 Service Manual / Body / Body Exterior / Bumpers / Impact Member, Removing and Installing

  • Follow the safety precautions. Refer to → Body Interior; Rep. Gr.00; Safety Precautions; Safety Precautions when Working on Pyrotechnic Components.

- Remove the bumper cover. Refer to → Chapter "Bumper Cover, Removing and Installing".

- Remove the washer nozzle for the headlamp washer system and set it aside with the washer fluid hose still connected. Refer to → Electrical Equipment; Rep. Gr.92; Headlamp Washer System; Washer Nozzles, Removing and Installing.

- If equipped, place the drip tray under the separating point and disconnect the washer fluid hose -3- by pressing the release buttons in the direction of -arrows-.

- Free up the washer fluid hose -4-.


Pyrotechnic components may deploy unintentionally.

Risk of injury.

- Discharge static electricity by briefly touching the door striker.

- Vehicles with pedestrian protection: Disconnect the connector -2- from the pedestrian protection crash sensor.


- Disconnect the connector -1- from the Outside Air Temperature Sensor -G17--3- and free up the wiring harness.


- Loosen the threaded connection -1 through 4- and remove the bolts -A- upward.

If the Bolts cannot be Removed


- Apply adhesive tape -5- to the headlamp -1- near the fender.

- Remove the bolts -2, 3, 4 and 6-.

Continuation for All Vehicles


- Remove the bolt -1-.

- Remove the impact member -3- from the mount -2-.

Impact Member Mount, Removing

- Remove the horn bracket. Refer to → Electrical Equipment; Rep. Gr.90; Horn; Overview - Horn.


- Remove the bolts -arrows-.


- Remove the bolts -1 and 4-.

- Pull the lock carrier -3- slightly forward, push the impact member mount -2- upward and out of the guide -5- in the direction of -arrow- and remove it to the side.



Install in reverse order of removal and note the following:

- Adjust the spring element. Refer to → Chapter "Height, Adjusting using Spring Element".

Tightening Specifications

  • Refer to → Chapter "Overview - Impact Member"
  • Refer to → Chapter "Overview - Lock Carrier"


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