Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Seat Frames


 Overview - Seat Versions

Component Location Overview - Seat Versions Overview - Front Seat I - Standard Seat Equipment: Manual seat length/height and angle adjustment Manual backrest angle adjuster Height-ad

 Front Seats

Component Location Overview - Electric and Electronic Components 1 - Memory Seat/Steering Column Adjustment Control Module Memory Seat/Steering Column Adjustment Control Module -J136- Fr

 Front Seat, Removing and Installing

Front Seat, Removing and Installing Special tools and workshop equipment required Universal Vehicle Protector -VAS871001- Airbag Lockout Adapter -VAS6282- Removing   WARNING Risk of injury


 Wiring Harnesses, Repairing

  Note Observe general notes for repairs on the vehicle electrical system. Refer to → Chapter "Vehicle Electrical System, General Repair Information". Airbag and Belt Tensioner Wires, Repairing In addition to the general repairs on wiring harnesses, the following methods and instruc

 Brake fluid

Fig. 161 Motor compartment: cap on brake fluid reservoir Observe the safety precautions General information. Checking the brake fluid level The brake fluid reservoir is located under a cover on the driver's side. Park the vehicle on a level surface. Lift the cover fig. 158 at both openings and

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