Audi A4 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi A4: Exterior Equipment


 Radiator Grille/Front Trim

Overview - Radiator Grille 1 -  Emblem Overview. Refer to → Chapter "Overview - Name Badges and Emblems". 2 -  Cover For the front camera 3 -  Radiator Grill


Overview - Spoiler 1 -  Adhesive Tape 2 -  Front Foam Seal 3 -  Nut 4 Nm Quantity: 4 4 -  Foam Seal For the securing pin Quantity: 3 5 -  Foam Se

 Moldings, Trims, Extensions and Trim Panels

Overview - Trim Molding and Covers Overview - Trim Molding 1 -  Front Door 2 -  Front Door Trim Molding Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Trim Molding, Removin


 Quick-Release Connections on Refrigerant Lines

  WARNING The quick-release coupling connectors may be unlocked and opened only if the refrigerant circuit is empty.   Note This illustration shows the quick-coupling connection with a refrigerant pipe with an inner heat exchanger that is installed in the Audi A4 from MY 2008 and

 Peripheral Camera, Calibrating

Calibration System -VAS721001-, Installing and Aligning After performing service work on the vehicle, it may be necessary to calibrate the peripheral camera system. In detail, this is the case after: Replacing one or more cameras Peripheral Camera Control Module -J928- replacement Flash the so

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